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When we talk about the challenges faced by commercial spaces and traditional furniture, I understand you might encounter some frustrations. The fixed nature of traditional furniture makes it difficult to adapt to various business needs, leading to space wastage.But now, with modular furniture, everything changes. The flexibility and customization options of modular furniture allow us to arrange spaces freely, truly realizing the vision of multifunctional spaces.What’s even better is that modular furniture uses eco-friendly materials, aligning with the modern corporate ethos of sustainable development. It’s not just furniture; it’s the ideal companion for our commercial spaces, helping us collectively create a more creative and environmentally friendly business environment


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Who we are??

Here, we’re more than just a furniture supplier – we’re your strategic partner for commercial spaces.

We’re the solution provider for your commercial space challenges. Our modular furniture isn’t just stable and durable; it’s also the best ambassador for your brand. Through innovative connector designs, continuous iterations, and rigorous stress tests, we ensure your commercial space is not only safe and stable but also filled with personality and character.

Our team boasts not only profound design and technical expertise but also a focus on close collaboration with you. We offer 3D design and space planning services, utilizing cutting-edge AI space solutions to present you with the best layout for your commercial space. Whether it’s an exhibition hall, a branded store, or a mall lounge area, we have creative and tailored solutions to meet your needs.

What spaces can we solve?

Exhibition Builder

In the bustling exhibition season, we understand every moment is invaluable to you. Our furniture isn’t just a simple booth; it’s your powerful tool to attract clients and stay ahead of the trends. Experience effortless and quick setup, allowing you to focus on engaging customers,  confidently facing every trade show.

Art showcasing

In the world of showcasing art, space and creativity are equally crucial. Our modular furniture offers you diverse display possibilities, ensuring each artwork stands out in a unique environment. Transform your gallery into a work of art itself, drawing in art enthusiasts and conveying a distinctive artistic vision.

Pop-Up Shop

In the fast-paced world of pop-up shops, time is money. Our modular furniture designs enable you to set up your space swiftly, allowing your pop-up shop to radiate vitality and draw in more customers, ultimately increasing sales. Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated setups; focus solely on running your business successfully.

Commercial Space

In commercial space design, we understand your pursuit of innovation and flexibility. The versatility of our modular furniture liberates your design imagination, unrestricted by limitations.our products seamlessly integrate, helping you bring your clients’ unique visions to life.

Brand Store

In the fiercely competitive landscape of brand stores, I know your need for unique displays and allure. we can be customized according to your brand’s identity and seasonal demands, allowing for flexible layout adjustments at any time. it means higher sale  enhanced brand image.

Exhibition case


In the hotel industry, each guest’s satisfaction is paramount.ur products can adjust layouts based on different themes and seasonal demands. This flexibility not only offers unique designs but also creates a memorable stay. they are not just visitors; they experience a lifestyle of taste and luxury.

Elevate Your Brand Influence

In my past experiences, whenever I participated in trade shows or renovated new commercial spaces, I encountered some frustrating challenges. Firstly, traditional exhibition and decoration solutions often lack the necessary flexibility to adapt to different occasions and changing requirements. This rigidity in design leads to spatial limitations, making it difficult to showcase and emphasize the unique features of a brand. We understand your pursuit of brand influence. It is with this understanding that we proudly introduce our customized modular furniture.Through our personalized custom printing panels, you can integrate your brand symbols, logos, and slogans into every corner of the commercial space. This not only highlights your brand but also leaves a lasting impression on customers.

Reduce Your Costs

In the world of furniture, we understand the struggles of assembly and disassembly. That’s why our building block furniture stands out. Our innovative connectors are designed for over 500 disassemblies, promoting easy recycling and reusability. This not only aligns with eco-conscious practices but significantly lowers your operational costs.

The simplicity of our installation tools and techniques means less reliance on skilled labor, reducing both manual labor costs and time expenditure. No more frustration over complicated assembly instructions or the need for specialized tools. With our building block furniture, you save not only money but also valuable time and effort, making your investment truly efficient and cost-effective.


What you care about

Yes, our brick furniture connectors undergo multiple iterations and compression testing to ensure superior stability of the furniture. We’ve applied for a patent and use advanced engineering materials to withstand high pressure and stay stable. We go beyond basic needs and focus on flexibility and practical application. Continuously improve the design to ensure the furniture is stable and reliable under various conditions. We are committed to providing beautiful, durable furniture solutions, and our patented connectors are our guarantee of quality and performance.

Our furniture is available in a variety of styles and can be customized to fit the space and commercial needs. There are 10 lengths of pipe sizes to choose from, which can be cleverly matched to meet various needs and create unique solutions. Whether it’s a brand store, exhibition space, or commercial office area, we can provide the perfect matching furniture to ensure that all your size and style needs are met.

Yes, our furniture is uniquely designed and the connecting parts are carefully developed and can be disassembled repeatedly for more than 500 times, ensuring that the furniture can be reused after demolition. Moreover, the materials we use meet environmental standards and are environmentally friendly. Through sustainable design and material selection, we are committed to recycling furniture after its service life, reducing resource waste and protecting the environment.

Yes, we have introduced an advanced AI space solution system. You only need to provide text requirements, and the system can automatically generate accurate drawings. Whether it’s a commercial space or a personal home, our team will ensure you get the best possible custom design to meet your needs and expectations.

Yes, our furniture is made of environmentally friendly materials, which conforms to the sustainable development concept of modern enterprises and adds an environmentally friendly green label to your corporate image.

If any problems arise during use, we will provide quick response after-sales service, including repair and replacement parts. You can choose our products with confidence, and we will support your commercial space needs throughout the process to ensure you have the best experience.

Production Process

Space measurements, gathering detailed dimensions and layout data.

Inputting the measurement data into our advanced AI system, it automatically generates a design needs analysis based on the space requirements and customer preferences.

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Clients review the design plans and can request personalized modifications based on their specific needs.

After client confirmation, orders are placed, and production preparations commence, including material procurement and production scheduling.

Our production team precisely cuts materials and assembles furniture according to the design blueprints.

Completed furniture undergoes rigorous quality inspections to ensure every piece meets high standards.

Furniture is delivered and installed by our professional team to ensure optimal placement within the client’s space.

We provide comprehensive after-sales service, including warranties, maintenance, and customer satisfaction surveys, ensuring clients’ satisfaction and trust throughout their usage experience.


Traditional Furniture Assembly VS Modular Furniture Assembly

Traditional Furniture Assembly

  1. Fixed Designs: Traditional furniture comes in fixed designs, limiting customization options to fit specific spaces or preferences.
  2. Complex Installation: Often requires professional assembly due to intricate designs and specific tools.
  3. Limited Adaptability: Difficult to adapt or modify once installed, leading to constraints in rearranging or repurposing the furniture.
  4. Space Constraints: Fixed dimensions may not fully utilize available space, leading to inefficiencies in smaller or irregularly shaped rooms.
  5. Challenging Transportation: Bulkier designs can be challenging to transport, especially in tight spaces or staircases.

Modular Furniture Assembly

  1. Customization: Modular furniture offers versatile customization options, allowing users to create tailored designs based on their unique needs and preferences.
  2. User-Friendly Installation: Designed for ease of assembly, modular furniture often features intuitive connectors and minimal tools, enabling users to assemble and disassemble without professional help.
  3. Adaptability: Modular pieces can be easily rearranged, added, or removed, adapting to evolving space requirements and allowing for effortless modifications.
  4. Optimized Space Utilization: Modular designs maximize space utilization, fitting perfectly into various room layouts and making the most of available space.
  5. Convenient Transportation: Compact and lightweight components are easy to transport, making them suitable for various locations and simplifying the relocation process.

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