Build and Rebuild. With Parti as building blocks.

To be reused as needed for your clients at their various events.Exhibitions, shopping malls, pop-up exhibitions, display systems, etc.

Modular Trade Show Booth Displays

The Parti Trade Show Booth is the perfect solution for quickly setting up a sturdy reusable display at trade show events, fairs, or expos. You can start with a booth and add more blocks as needed!

Grow your business

Reduce time costs 95%
Reduce labor costs 93%
Optimize brand costs 91%

Sustainable exhibitions can help us develop and expand our brand influence while making the world less wasteful.

Application Scenarios

Experience top-tier performance with flexible adaptability! Our system is designed to seamlessly adjust to various display booths and exhibition requirements, enabling companies to craft captivating display spaces swiftly. Transform your ideas into eye-catching exhibits with ease and efficiency.

modular Exhibition case

Trade Shows

It has strong performance and can be flexibly adjusted according to different display booths and exhibition needs, helping companies create eye-catching display spaces in a short time.

modular art Exhibition case

Pop-Up Exhibition

The commercial display system has the characteristics of quick response to the market and convenient transportation, providing enterprises with fast and flexible display solutions.
office case

Business Events

Modular display systems provide enterprises with a professional display environment through a professional layout and efficient management.

art Exhibition

Art Exhibition

According to different artists and exhibition needs to create diverse exhibition spaces. Provide flexible art display methods to better present artworks.



We print and finish the graphic panels that will appear on your stand.



Your stand is 100% pre-built for the ultimate quality-check, and ready for you to inspect.



Our fitting-team, transport your stand to site and install, returning post-show to dismantle.

Our Partner

ask us anything

Yes,The system components can be flexibly adjusted to accommodate booths of different specifications and shapes, ensuring that you can showcase the best results in various venues.

The specific time will depend on the booth size and complexity, but we guarantee to provide the most efficient setup solution. Typically, for a 3*3-meter booth, two people can complete the setup in one hour.

Certainly! Our system can be personalized to reflect the distinctive features of your company’s brand, including colors, logos, and other customized elements. Create a unique display space that showcases your brand image.

Due to the system’s reusability and cost-effectiveness, the return on investment for a commercial modular system is higher compared to traditional display solutions. By reducing the costs associated with each exhibition, you will find it easier to achieve long-term economic returns.

Yes, the commercial modular system is reusable, reducing the costs associated with each exhibition. By maximizing the utilization of system components, you can achieve higher cost-effectiveness across multiple trade shows.

No, our products have a simple installation structure. You only need an electric hand drill and a tightening action to install.


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